Lebanese Republic
17 August 2018
Launching AFKAR program website
23 November 2017

Speaking at a meeting held under the title “The Vision and the Image” by AFKAR Program to launch the program’s website as a first step of its media plan, the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, underlined the need to integrate a digital aspect into all forms of administrative work. She also highlighted the vital role played by information technology in the programs and projects sponsored by the ministry, namely the digital transformation project which aims at developing the work of public administrations in Lebanon. Ezzeddine emphasized that digitization is an imperative need in Lebanon because it helps solving some chronic problems, most importantly the largescale corruption and the mistrust between citizens and public administrations.

Ezzeddine stressed the need to enhance the partnership between the public sector and civil society, which is the main goal of OMSAR’s EU-funded AFKAR program aimed at supporting the Lebanese civil society. She considered that electronic communication is one of the dialogue platforms between the two sectors as work is being done through the program to lay the foundations of dialogue on development policies.
She called to multiply the efforts focused on developing the program implementation, starting with field monitoring of the organizations’ projects and training up to achieving the utmost benefit from the capacities offered by the digital world in terms of communication and data saving.
A short film titled “AFKAR in a minute” was screened at the meeting and detailed AFKAR’s work throughout fourteen years from its launching to its current third phase. The film also showed in numbers the achievements made during these years.

The Program Manager Mrs. Youmna Chacar Ghorayeb presented the program’s current activities based on its position within OMSAR’s strategy and its role of enhancing the partnership between the public sector and civil society in the process of reform and development. She also explained how these objectives are reflected in the program’s logo, before detailing the three areas of work: Developing a platform for dialogue between the public sector and civil society, supporting active organizations through technical monitoring and training of their staff along with civil servants working with civil society, and finally developing the media plan sponsoring the program as a whole and the projects of organizations working under it.

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