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19 April 2019
"Indimaj” project: socio-professional reintegration program for former drug addicts
18 July 2018

Under the patronage of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, Oum el Nour association celebrated the closure  of  “Indimaj” project, which is part of AFKAR 3 program, funded by the European Union and managed by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform. The two-year project, in partnership with “Chreek”, aimed to the sustainable socio-professional reintegration of former drug addicts, by enhancing their individual skills and abilities and re-engaging them in the labor market.

Attending the event were the representative of the Minister Ezzeddine and AFKAR program manager, Mrs Youmna Chacar Ghorayeb, Oum el Nour founder, the Bishop Mgr Guy Njeim, Oum el Nour general director, Mrs. Mireille Khoury, representative of “Chreek” foundation, Mr. George Ghafari, as well as number of supporters, media personalities and residents of the center.

In her speech, Mrs. Ghorayeb highlighted the importance of the project in terms of efforts provided to keep the addicts out of vulnerable groups and turning them into effective persons. This efforts aimed to avoid their marginalization and to help them contribute to the economic life, through their involvement in the labor market, to meet the required needs and to enhance their economic and social role. She also stressed that the implementation of the project was not possible without great efforts, patience and love. It needs, first, a lot of self-confidence and then, a great trust in the beneficiary groups.

Besides, Mrs, Ghorayeb focused on the perseverance to fight this problem,  starting with the strict implementation of the laws, by increasing the awareness of families and young people themselves about the dangers of such addiction, and to help the addicted persons, providing them with a follow-up, both on the physical and psychological sides.

From his side, the Bishop Mgr. Guy Njeim, thanked the Minister Ezzeddine and “Chreek” foundation. He said that today is the end of  a great  dream which is the cooperation with the State, the European Union and civil entities through “Chreek” foundation. What we are concluding today is a great human dream that is achieved on a narrow level, especially since people are now eager to cooperate with their brothers because of certain circumstances. When there is intention, it will be blessed from God.

As well, the event included live testimonies from former drug addicts, who shared their experience of addiction and explained how they overcomed this problem with the help of Oum el Nour. The testimonies were followed by a short film about the project and its importance for the Oum el Nour residents centers of Shaile and Fatqa. At the end of the ceremony, the participants visited the exhibition that the residents of Oum el Nour produced during the project.

About the project

Through the "Indimaj" project, the Oum el Nour association, in cooperation with “Chreek”, has been active in various fields, including information technology, music, sports, dance, theater and environmental awareness in the centers of Shaile and Fatqa. The workshops aimed to support the productivity and to build the skills of the participants in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, electricity, blacksmithing and recycling.

The project also helped former addicts to find jobs through training courses that suit their aspirations and develop their abilities, in addition to motivate them rebuild a balanced life at all levels. As well, it strengthened the network between Oum el Nour and several private and public companies, to provide jobs for the residents in the rehabilitation centers and to empower them as effective people in the community.

"Indimaj" activities will continue in both Oum el Nour rehabilitation centers, because of  their importance to the residents and their reintegration in the society.

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