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19 April 2019
“Kbar Zghar”: a lively entertainment festival in Baalbeck
10 August 2018

The "Tourism for All in Lebanon" team organized an entertaining activity in Marja, Ras el Ain - Baalbeck, on Friday morning, August 10, 2018. The event was entitled "Kbar Zghar", with the participation of disabled and non-disabled people from the city and its neighborhood.

At 10 in the morning, people with disability and non-disability arrived with their families and friends to Marja, which was easily accessible to people with disability. They were warmly welcomed by a volunteers team of the “Lebanese Federation of People with disability”. The participants enjoyed various physical and intellectual games and activities. The disabilities included audiovisual, dynamic and mental domains. As well, the attendees represented various nationalities and age, which reflected a special cultural group of respect for difference and diversity. The participants interacted and communicated in a positive way with the volunteers team, which included disabled persons as well, through different games, especially those requiring movements (3 games by different sizes), touch games aiming to introduce visual disability and interaction with blind people, silent theater play ….., as well as a set of activities including dance, racing, drawing, coloring …. The games targeted different age and gender groups.

The “Kbar Zghar” Festival is one of the leading models of the “Tourism for All “project in Lebanon, launched by the “Lebanese Federation of People with disability” in 2016, in partnership with the European Network of Inclusive Tourism, and in the framework of AFKAR  III program, funded by the European Union and managed by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform. The project aims to establish four pilot areas in Lebanon, namely: Tire, Jbeil, Baalbeck and the Chouf Cedar Reserve. The leading models are either company, activity….. The city of Baalbeck organized this activity, which achieved the desired objectives, including raising awareness about disability and diversity, and creating a cultural diversity targeting all people (children with disabilities and non-disabled people of both sexes from different nationalities) playing and having fun together, in addition to marketing the local tourism in Baalbeck area, highlighting its local and national benefits. The live experience through the “Kbar Zghar”Festival was a demonstration of the validity of the principle of respect for diversity in society.

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