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Lebanese Republic
14 November 2019
Safadi foundation: “WARED” project supports Akkar women skills in agriculture and manufacturing
09 July 2019

AFKAR program team is still reviewing and evaluating the reports issued by non-governmental organizations contracted with the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as part of AFKAR 3 program, funded by the European Union. In this framework, the contractor authority approved the Safadi foundation final report: “Women active in rural economic development – WARED”. As well, the European Union endorsed the report, which reflected the most important activities, results and disbursements during the implementation phase, between 2016 and September 2018.

The project, aiming to enhance the role of women as effective agents in achieving sustainable and balanced economic development in Akkar, focused on the partnership with the local authorities, as well as the cooperation between Safadi Foundation, Kobayyat municipality, the Union of Municipalities of Jurd al Kaytaah, and the Union of Municipalities of Juma in Akkar

More than 100 women attended training sessions in rose cultivation and aromatic essences manufacturing in the three regions, benefiting from the aromatic plants distillation center funded by the project. Besides, they acquired personal and cognitive skills for their self-development. Five women participated in the “World rose festival” in Bulgaria in June 2017, as part of an exchange of experiences and an opportunity to expand horizons.

In order to create employment opportunities for women and to increase the dissemination of their agricultural products, eleven women associations from Akkar, who were trained in writing proposals, competed to win sub-grants from AFKAR funding. Three women associations get funding of 7,000 euros each, for projects based on the production of roses and aromatic essences. The winners were "Kuny Enti" ("Atayeb al Ward" project which combines roses and chocolate), "Al Aamal al Ijtimaayi" ("Beit el Mouneh - Bezbina" project) and "Sayyidat Ain al Zahab " ("Mathanatna" project).

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