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Lebanese Republic
28 January 2020
AFKAR: achievements and vision
03 September 2019

The civil society support team (AFKAR) completed its vision for the next phase of the program, based on the cumulative track of experiences followed for more than 15 years. It was reflected in the preparation of the strategy of the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, the issuance of civil society assessment reality and the way to deal with its organizations and projects.

Therefore, a set of outputs was issued, based on the formulation of a public policy dialogue strategy between the public sector and the civil society. This important step led to builld a platform including representatives of a number of relevant ministries and organizations that participated in the program since its inception. A partnership charter has also been drafted for discussion and approval at the national level.

The program issued two practical training manuals. The first introduced techniques aiming to build civil society organizations, which includes specialized societies, academic organisms and media organizations. The second highlighted the techniques conducting to the success and sustainability of dialogue and partnership between the public and civil society sectors.

The foreseen vision is to build on the achievements and to benefit from the expertise regarding the partnership that was built between the public sector and the civil society, based on the respect of good governance and its origins within the institutional practices in order to serve the Lebanese citizen.

In addition, the team presented its vision in a detailed presentation at an internal meeting that included the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Technical Cooperation Unit Director, as well as advisors to the Minister of State for Administrative Reform. As main objective, the presentation covered the vision of the program in the next phase, focusing on the consolidation of good governance and anti-corruption practices by strengthening the government's strategic commitment to civil society. The specific objectives of this vision were to support the contribution of civil society and municipalities in the development of policies and aiming to fight corruption through project support, capacity building and training of trainers, based on extensive previous experiences and support manuals.

As well, the presentation  included the expansion of the partnership platform and dialogue on a scientific basis according to specialized standards and its activation in order to promote the principle of dialogue and partnership in all sectors, the adoption of the partnership charter. The target was also to work on policies aiming to combat corruption through supporting projects and capacity building individually, as well as targeted training and dialogue workshops.

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