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Lebanese Republic
08 December 2019
Openness and citizenship from Offre Joie to the Bar Association
21 November 2019

The election of civil society activist Melhem Khalaf as the President of the Bar Association highlights once again on the project carried out by Offre Joie association, managed by Khalaf between 2007 and 2009, as part of the civil society support AFKAR 2 program. This project of advanced dialogue, which targeted young men and women under sixteen years old, was successfully implemented during a period characterized by political, security and sectarian tensions, especially in the Bekaa.

Under the title "Educational and social tasks for young people under sixteen years old » aiming to establish consensus among the various components of Lebanese society, Offre Joie association focused on the sensitization of the new generations on the need for dialogue, consensus and unity, targeting about 489 young men and women in various educational, cultural and recreational activities. The most relevant achievement was the creation of the Offre Joie Educational Center in the West Bekaa town of Aitnit, where a number of activities were organized to enhance communication and cultural exchange between children from the villages nearby. The center has opened the door for effective communication and cultural exchange and reflected a living model space of meeting between people. It hosted young people from all Lebanese regions, especially the Bekaa, and gathered the children of the region from different religions, sects and from different social classes. They used to respect each other , to live and play together. Neighbors listen to real stories that took place during the war in Lebanon, as an example for acceptance of others, tolerance, forgiveness, respect and love.

In the same context, despite the current political crisis, the association organized dialogue, educational and recreational activities involving the people of Jabal Mohsen, Bab al-Tabbaneh and others from Taalabaya and Saadnayel. The association organized trips to various Lebanese villages in AFKAR bus to enhance cultural exchange and promote the spirit of citizenship and openness.

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