Lebanese Republic
11 August 2020
Deir el Ahmar, center of tourist attraction and cultural exchange
04 April 2020

In the framework of the projects auditing process within AFKAR 3 program, managed by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) and funded by the European Union, the technical and financial report of the project implemented by the Women Association of Deir el Ahmar (WADA), was approved under the title: "Women and youth active members in the field of rural tourism towards sustainable development in Deir el Ahmar and Lebanese rural areas ", in partnership with the Municipality of Deir el Ahmar.

The project focused on the contribution of socio-economic development in promoting the social and economic rights of women and youth in the Deir el Ahmar region. As well, it aimed to develop rural tourism in this region, to create job opportunities in this sector and to build a network at the national level that aims to achieve its goals.

It also included several activities in which the residents of Deir el Ahmar region participated, especially the women and youth. The most relevant one was the training of a large number of women and youth in free professions such as the food industries, embroidery and tourism, in order to help families increase their income. The project also supported the owners of thirty guest houses in Deir el Ahmar, by providing them with solar energy and containers for waste sorting, after training their owners in this field. In order to support rural tourism, the project created five wood Bungalows to host tourists. It also delimited three forest paths linked to religious and historical monuments, to welcome nature lovers.

In addition, near its headquarters, WADA has created a center for displaying and marketing agricultural products and handicrafts, as well as a family garden that includes toys for children. The association focused also on networking with many civil organizations in various Lebanese regions, in order to carry out mutual visits and encourage rural tourism. To reach this purpose, a common calendar of events and activities has been established between the various regions.

WADA project has many positive advantages, in terms of the region transformation into a tourist attraction center. It has received delegations from other regions for the purpose of cultural exchange. It also supported women and youth to find job opportunities that are rare in rural areas. The most important is that the project encouraged the sustainable development in rural areas, in order to maintain a healthy climate and a safe environment.

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