Lebanese Republic
11 August 2020
The European Institute for Cooperation and Development project: for an active youth in the social development field
09 April 2020

The European Union approved the final technical and financial report submitted by the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD), following the conclusion of its project, which was implemented within AFKAR program, funded by the European Union, and managed by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).

The project was entitled: "Developing a stimulating social and economic environment in North Lebanon". Within the framework of a comprehensive strategy in the economic and social development field, the project, which was implemented by Semeurs d’Avenir association, had several objectives. Firstly, building professional capacities of youth, women and small enterprises in the northern regions, as well as supporting small projects. On the other hand, enhancing opportunities for graduates from professional and technical institutes, and initiating exchanges between them and the private sector.

Several activities were implemented by the project including various groups in the North Lebanon region. A series of training were conducted by specialists for owners of small enterprises in the Tripoli region, regarding the management of their work, in order to increase the income. The capacities of a large number of young people and women were also built to increase employment opportunities. Besides, the activities included a call for proposal for civil society projects in the socio-economic development field, through which small grants were provided to implement more than ten projects presented by local associations. AFKAR team participated, as an observer, in the committee in charge of the projects selection process.

A large number of private sector institutions participated in the two employment exhibitions organized by IECD in Tripoli. These events strengthened the communication between technical schools and local societies. By this way, more than two thousand students were able to communicate and obtain information on recruitment processes and their requirements. In addition, bridges were built between vocational schools students and private sector institutions. Students were also trained to understand the various technical specializations available in the region and the relevant job opportunities awaiting them.

The IECD project, the second within AFKAR program, aimed to be a point of light for the northern regions people in terms of its interest in all segments of society, its contribution to increase income and job opportunities, to help young people to increase their capacities and look towards a better career in the future. Then, they will be the real actors in the social development process.

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