Lebanese Republic
06 March 2021
Managing social distancing: IDRAAC activities for mental health protection
24 April 2020

Based on the initiative spirit by which they have always been characterized, the Lebanese NGOs have actively participated in activities aiming to overcome the current situation difficulties.

In the framework of continuous coordination with AFKAR program partners’ organizations, it will be possible to report on the most important steps achieved in this field. AFKAR will successively publish these organizations activities, providing useful information under these exceptional circumstances.

The Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care (IDRAAC), responded to the existing emergency and quarantine measures. It focused its efforts on how to manage social divergence to protect mental health and to mitigate the risks of affecting it in the best possible ways. This task is at the heart of the organization' mission. Beginning it research on the Covid 19 effects, IDRAAC worked to provide psychological support to the various marginalized groups that could be affected by the current situation. It works in coordination with local and other international organizations, to exchange experiences in this global crisis. As well, it seeks to develop appropriate interventions aiming to provide psychological assistance. Priority is given to the people who are affected, to the marginalized population and then to the society as a whole, by spreading awareness and carrying out activities to fight discrimination and protect human rights.

In this context, IDRAAC performed a set of services including educational guidance on its social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as electronic conferences and live courses that provide mental health guidance. The organization also provides free Internet consultations, for those who have expressed their needs through the hotline number 76 10 05 76 and through coordination with other organizations. It carried out a daily follow-up to patients infected with Covid 19 in Saint George Hospital and provided free support to its medical staff. IDRAAC activities details are available on the website www.idraac.org

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