Lebanese Republic
06 December 2023
AFKAR as part of the e-learning portal
09 October 2020

AFKAR program team is currently working, in the Office of the Minister of Administrative Reform, to transfer its experiences and efforts through the e-learning portal (or e-learning), in order to spread them to the public sector employees.

As part of several publications issued by Afkar 3  technical assistance, these experiences are included in the guiding steps book, aiming to promote dialogue on public policies between the civil society and the public sector. This book highlights  on the concept of partnership between the two parties. The team believes in the necessity to link the activities of civil society organizations and the public sector representatives, to ensure a dialogue between them, aiming to enhance the citizens’ requests support.

The e-learning steps include : the dialogue, its importance and impact on public policy-making, the public policy and its development challenges, in addition to the partnership path and levels, leading to learning methods and tools to enhance this dialogue and this partnership. The target of these steps is to build capacities and to acquire organizational and scientific skills.

The guiding steps aiming to enhance dialogue about public policies via the e-learning experience, includes appropriate training techniques and concrete examples that simulate AFKAR program experiences. By this way, the employee is allowed to manage his time positively and to be motivated in activating the Lebanese civil society role.

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