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28 May 2023
AFKAR new page
04 January 2021

AFKAR Program team is contributing to update the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) website. This site highlights the importance of the office for more than 25 years, in the fields of public administration, local administration and civil society. It clarifies the vision, mission, goals and strategies formulated by the office's team, and implemented through different programs and projects. Besides, the site lists the most prominent achievements as models that can be developed in the future stages.

AFKAR team worked on the dissemination of the whole information targeting to support the civil society program in all its dimensions and activities for sixteen years. The basic components of the Program were displayed in the main page titles and support tools. The most important activities were detailed and linked to their publications on the AFKAR Program website, established since 2017.

The opening page within the Ministry's website explains how much the role of civil society is linked to the strategy of developing the Lebanese public administration, as it is based on “... the existence of a strong and vibrant civil society is a prerequisite for good governance that would protect and defend the citizens’ rights against any exceeding or violation by the public administration or the private sector ... " The AFKAR Program page exposes the vision, mission, and objectives, and reminds of the history of the program in its three stages, in terms of funding, sectors of intervention, number of funded projects and types of activities implemented.

As well, a detailed page is dedicated to the Public Policy Dialogue, which is a basic and future pillar to support civil society programs, and which stems from the principle of strengthening dialogue between the public sector and civil society as an inherent value to the Democracy’s principle and practices. Promoting this concept during the three stages of AFKAR Program was aiming to lead to partnership in order to serve The Citizen. The page details the main outputs of the strategy for policy dialogue: a core of partnership platform between representatives of the two sectors, the partnership charter and the capacity building program within the framework of a targeted training manual.

As for the Training and Capacity Development page, it focuses on training workshops that targeted government staff and civil society representatives. It broadcasts various trainings and applied materials in planning, management and communication as well as in the field of networking, dialogue and partnership.

Finally, the civil society organizations projects page displays the most prominent achievements made by these organizations ’projects in the three stages of AFKAR, while the last page displays the written, published and filmed media publications and works.

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