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30 September 2023
Public policy dialogue training on the E-learning platform
09 April 2021

AFKAR team completed the transformation of the training manual on strengthening public policy dialogue between civil society and the public sector to an electronic training course. The nature of this course was educational and practical. The process included a set of self-assessment tests and a comprehensive evaluation test. This activity aims to reach successful results of the civil society support program (AFKAR) in the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as well as to transfer the acquired knowledge and experiences achieved to public sector employees.

This project is part of the E-learning program targeting public sector employees. It includes training courses in several fields related to the public sector performance, in conformity with the current modern technology trends to develop the human resources, as a prominent pillar in building the digital academy.  It was implemented in coordination with the training department in the office and with the technical support of IQuad.

The training course is entitled "Dialogue on public policies between the public sector and civil society" and is divided into thirteen sessions, to highlight the concept of partnership between the two aforementioned components. It is based on the need to link the activity of civil society organizations with the public sector representatives. It aims to promote dialogue between them, in order to support the citizens’ requests.

The course includes several steps: the dialogue, its importance and impact on public policy-making, the public policy and its development challenges, in addition to the partnership path and its levels. These elements lead to learning methods and tools to enhance this dialogue and this partnership. All these steps aim to build capacities and to acquire organizational and scientific skills, in order to serve the community.

The guiding steps to enhance dialogue about public policies through the E-learning, using appropriate training techniques and concrete examples based on AFKAR program experiences, allow the employee to manage his time with greater benefit and motivate him to activate the Lebanese civil society role.

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