Lebanese Republic
22 August 2019
Socio-professional reintegration program for former substance abusers
Budget: 470000 Euro
CSO: Oum El Nour
Duration: 24 Months
Sectors of intervention: Socio economic development and Reform
Targeted Groups: Marginalized Groups
Project status: On-going

The former drug addicts of Oum el Nour’s rehabilitation centers that complete the treatment are socially and professionally reintegrated into society one year after the completion of the rehabilitation treatment.

Specific Objectives

1-The different stakeholders are trained to handle their charges and their responsibilities and to implement their socio professional program.  2- The beneficiaries have empowered their personal capacities.  3- The beneficiaries discover/develop their own specific technical skills and abilities and/or their intellectual areas of specialization. 4 -The beneficiaries have acquired global social, technical and intellectual tools and techniques, in order to start/follow trainings, to find a job or to create a small business.  5- The former beneficiaries have a job/ follow training within a balanced life project on psychological and social dimensions.

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