Lebanese Republic
28 May 2023
The Lebanese civil society -issues and perspectives
Issue Date: 01 September 2017
Type Book
Source: AFKAR II

Some may wonder about the usefulness of setting up discussion groups where representatives from the civil society participate in order to talk about sensitive topics, changing in their course leads to diverse problems. Others may go further in doubting and fear what is called elitism in this kind of activity. The justification of these two positions is summarized by the hidden desire to reach, in a shortest time, complete solutions and tangible results for any activity, especially when it tries to promote the concept of the State of Law and Citizenship, and to encourage dialogue away from violence and discrimination.

The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform have organized, between January 2008 and April 2009, eight round tables or dialogue workshops, planned by Emergence European Society, and falling under Afkar 2** program. During these workshops, discussions took place about substantive issues strongly related to the spirit of the program itself, in one hand, and to the interests of the Lebanese Civil Society and its organizations, in the other hand. These workshops succeed to attract more than 300 participants despite security and political hard situations that were encompassing. Seminars were covered successively by media and posted on AFKAR 2 program website

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