Lebanese Republic
26 May 2020
Closure event of the Dialogue Association project
30 November 2018

On Friday, November 30, 2018, the Dialogue Association (DA) concluded its project "A new economic dynamism for Hermel 2", implemented within "Afkar 3" program,  funded by the European Union,  and managed by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR). During the ceremony, the Silo Food products factory was inaugurated in Ras Baalbek area. This event was attended  by the Minister of Industry, Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, the heads and representatives of the municipalities of the region (Hermel, Al Qaa, Ras Baalbek, Al Fakaya, Al Ain and Al Labweh), social, developmental, political and economic figures from Baalbeck Hermel  region , as well as owners of tourism institutions and fisheries on the Assi River.

The Minister Hajj Hassan said that "Baalbek Hermel needs additional efforts in the process of economic development. The cooperation and the contribution provided at the official, municipal and NGOs levels, in order to achieve the development process, mainly by solving the problems of sewage, solid waste, as well as random dumps and roads, especially the international road, from Hrebta bifurcation till the syrian border, are also a priority. He stressed on the importance of the development projects and the employment opportunities. The efforts made in order to solve the issue of waste and corruption are also relevant. Besides, he focused on the necessity to support industry, agriculture and production, which requires security, political stability and a new government».

Also, the minister Hajj Hassan highlighted the importance of « this development project, which will generate a prosperous economic cycle and  employment opportunities. As well, he stressed on the product manufacturing and marketing process within the health standards. He hoped that more  projects, success and progress in the economic, health and food quality, as well as new development projects will follow".

From his side, the director of Planning and Development Agency, Dr. Jalal Mahfouz, noted that «the main objective is to activate the production and agriculture sectors and to contribute into the fish marketing process in Lebanon,  as a preparation step for its launching in the Arab markets». He added that «the project is a kind of social company between official institutions, civil society organizations and donors, in order to generate a healthy product».

During the ceremony, a documentary was presented, prepared by the Dialogue Association , explaining the objectives and the results of the project.

Finally, Minister Hajj Hassan received an appreciation shield. A cocktail followed, prepared with the factory local products.

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