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Lebanese Republic
14 November 2019
Oum el Nour Indimaj project: partnerships with the private sector aiming to help former addicts to integrate the labor market
02 July 2019

The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as contracting authority, approved the final report of “Indimaj” project, implemented by Oum el Nour rehabilitation of drug addicts center, in partnership with "Chreek".  This process is part of the final reporting evaluation phase of the projects carried out by NGOs, within AFKAR 3 program and funded by the European Union. The report, which was endorsed as well by the EU, reflected the most important activities, results and disbursements during the implementation phase, between 2016 and 2018.

For 26 months, the project focused on the sustainable social and professional reintegration of former drug addicts in Oum el Nour rehabilitation centers for men and women in Sheile and Fatqa. It  enhanced their individual skills, abilities and strengthened their self-confidence.

The most important achievements of the project aimed to build partnerships with 130 institutions and to sign 50 memorandums of understanding with them, in order to provide job opportunities to the former addicts, as well as to ensure them a better life, after the completion of the treatment and rehabilitation phases.
This step was followed by an awareness campaign on job opportunities for former addicts targeting the private sector. The activities held in the framework of this project included 37 young men and 12 girls, and were able to ensure an employment for 33 young men and all the girls. However, the 4 remaining young men decided to complete their university education.

Activities included training sessions for former addicts on computer science, music, sports, dance, theater, environmental awareness and other fields. Vocational training workshops were also provided in order to support beneficiaries' productivity and to build skills in many areas including carpentry, plumbing, blacksmithing, electricity and recycling. Besides, periodic meetings were held with the parents of the addicted young people, in order to discuss with them about the importance of the project and their role in the treatment process of their children.

"Indimaj" achieved all its goals to empower psychologically addicted to re-engage in social and practical life. The success of this pilot project also paved the road for its replication, in order to achieve a sustainable solution for drugs addiction.

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