Z AFKAR Programme
Lebanese Republic
28 January 2020
Makhzoumi foundation project: civil society for sustainable human development in the Bekaa
09 January 2020

In the framework of the final step of thirteen civil society projects within AFKAR 3 program, which includes auditing and evaluation, before the approval and ratification process of the reports issued by its implementers, the Makhzoumi Foundation final report of the "civil society for sustainable development" project has been approved.

The project focuses on the Bekaa, Middle, West and North regions. Its activities aimed to meet the 17 United Nations development goals. It was characterized by diversity in the framework of work on sustainable development, with a high level of educational cooperation with the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, and development cooperation with the local authorities, namely: the Union of Municipalities of Eastern Zahle, the Union of Municipalities of the Sahel and the Union of Municipalities of East Baalbek. It is interesting to note that this project is the third for Makhzoumi Foundation within AFKAR program, managed by the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform, and funded by the European Union. It was implemented in partnership with the Italian Association Armadilla S.C.S. onlus, and the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), as well as Association Libanaise pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie et pour l’Environnement (ALMEE).

The project focused on sustainable development as a key component in improving the living conditions of local communities in the Bekaa, by empowering residents' capacities and skills, as well as by promoting effective energy solutions in these communities.
In the framework of activating the role of youth, it targeted 1200 students from secondary schools from the Bekaa schools, with awareness conferences, focusing on development and environment issues. As well, the students participated with their families in the carbon footprint competition.
In the field of rural development, environmental protection and job creation, about 240 women and 60 men were trained on several skills as : beekeeping, knitting on a loom, technical sewing, and environmental crafts such as making soap, in addition to entrepreneurship.

The project also included supplying thirty public and private schools in the Bekaa with water heaters that work on solar energy, and the installation of lighting lamps that also work on solar energy in three municipal unions: the Union of Municipalities of Eastern Zahle, the Union of Municipalities of the Sahel and the Union of Municipalities of East Baalbek.

The exhibition, organized by Makhzoumi Foundation, took place in Zahle, during the project closing event. It presented innovative and beautiful examples of the most relevant productions and materials manufactured from manual and environmental works, belonging from the craft of men and women trainees in the Bekaa region.

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