Lebanese Republic
19 June 2021
NGOs in the time of Covid 19: activities, ideas and trends
29 May 2020

Based on the initiative spirit by which they have always been characterized, the Lebanese NGOs have actively participated in activities aiming to overcome the current situation difficulties.

Facing the Covid 19 crisis, its repercussions and effects in the foreseeable and longer term, civil society organizations are flexible in adapting to the requirements and results of this step. In the framework of continuous coordination with the partner organizations of AFKAR program, it was possible to view their general ideas, orientations and the most prominent activities they undertake. Since the crisis began, Makhzoumi Foundation has carried out awareness-raising activities on how to prevent the virus, in coordination with the Ministry of Health. Its activities included the way to protect mental health in some cases.

In addition to awareness and distribution of medical equipment, the “Instituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria” (ICU) worked in order to enhance activities aiming to support students in their schools by helping the poor families children in their lessons. It also helped women and youth to work from home, providing them an income through agricultural industrialization, as well as agricultural or small industrial materials and tools.

The Lebanese Association for Rural Development (LARD) focuses on the agricultural issue as the most important sector that should be given priority in the next stage. The association proposes, within its future vision, the revitalization of this sector. It considers that civil society organizations can contribute to any plan approved by the government for this sector, especially in Akkar. This region enjoys vast agricultural areas, of which only twenty percent are currently consumed. The remaining 80 percent should be revitalized. It is  the concept of securing land, according to the principle of two-thirds of the yield for whoever guarantees the land and the third for the one who owns it. The association believes that this trend will reactivate the agricultural sector and ensure job opportunities for young people in the region.

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