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15 April 2024
Fista association : therapy sessions and remotely learning challenge
01 June 2020

In order to face the Covid 19 crisis, Lebanese NGOs aim to overcome the crisis consequences and its effects. These organizations fulfill actively their role by adapting themseleves to the requirements and results of this situation. In the framework of continuous coordination with the partner organizations in AFKAR program, the orgaizations general ideas, orientations and the most prominent activities they carried out were tangible.

Fista association, which deals with the psychological and social conditions of marginalized groups, focused its efforts on implementing the Individual Education Program (IEP) remotely and adopted virtual applications via the Internet. Educators and professors specialized in teaching were in charge of customized video clips and other videos downloaded from a number of sites, in addition to applications, songs and audio recordings related to educational goals. They also conducted audio and video calls with the concerned students and with their families to explain the specific academic concepts for each week. The services provided included awareness related to psychological and mental health with the parents of students.

The activities aimed to develop communication, language, emotional and psychosocial behavior based on the individual needs of each student. The therapy sessions included the children mothers who need social and psychological support. In order to help parents cope with the conditions resulting from the Covid crisis and protect their families in these circumstances, the association conducted health and social awareness sessions through WhatsApp.

Fista created, via the internet, an Inclusive virtual kid’s club for children with disability and others from different private schools. This activity will teach the young children how to accept the differences and how to respect the disability of the others.The association activities expanded towards virtual trainings targeting  teachers working in the field of education or special education.

The tele therapy and the virtual courses are engaging the families in the learning process of their children. It help them to acquire and implement new strategies and techniques. However, many challenges are being faced, specially with the vulnerable families who don’t have an easy access to the internet.

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