Lebanese Republic
15 April 2024
AFKAR on the e-Learning training portal: sessions about dialogue on public policies
10 June 2020

In the context of working to activate the outputs issued by AFKAR program in order to support civil society, AFKAR team has started operational steps. They aim to introduce dialogue training in public policies between the public sector and civil society organizations, within the e-Learning program for public sector employees.

To this end, an introductory meeting was held via the electronic communication platform with the implementing team to prepare the interactive training courses Iquad. It included, in addition to AFKAR team, the head of training team, Mr. Samer Hankir and Mrs. Rima  Matta Salameh, from the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform.

As a result of the meeting, the attendees agreed on how to proceed and the requested steps to achieve the training goals. In this framework, more than five sessions will be allocated under the title "Dialogue on public policies". The duration of each session will be between ten and fifteen minutes. IQuad will soon provide a first direct formulation of the material produced by AFKAR program, within a training guide entitled "Guiding steps for public policy dialogue between public sector and civil society organizations". The training session will include lessons and lessons learned during the implementation of AFKAR program over the past ten years, according to AFKAR 3 sharing best practices and learnings publication.

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