Lebanese Republic
29 May 2024
Extension of AFKAR 3 financial agreement
10 June 2021

Under the title "Promoting human rights and democracy in Lebanon" between the Lebanese government and the European Union, the financial agreement was subjected to the fourth amendment since its signing in December 2010. This agreement constitutes the financial and legal cover for the fund provided by the European Union to Lebanon amounting 20 million euros, 10 of which are allocated to finance AFKAR 3 program to support civil society. Under this amendment, the effects of the agreement were extended for additional 24 months, without any other extension.

The amendment was signed by the concerned parties: Mr. Enrique Troutmann representative of the European Union, the Minister of Administrative Reform Damianos Kattar, as well as the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction and National Coordinator of Endowments, Nabil Al Jisr.

This extension aims to conduct the task of evaluation and auditing stipulated in the financial agreement and for which a specific exchange balance has been allocated, provided that it will be carried out by independent experts. The Covid-19 pandemic, with its advent in March 2019, delayed the implementation of this task.

Two independent companies, contracted by the European Union, undertake these tasks. One of them is conducting a financial audit of how NGOs funded by AFKAR 3 implement their contracts. The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as the contracting authority, has urged the concerned organizations, to submit all relevant documents, files, invoices and reports, with well-structured documentation, in order to facilitate the experts tasks. The other company also undertakes a technical evaluation study for projects implemented by non-governmental organizations contracted under the programme.

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