Lebanese Republic
15 April 2024
Strengthening capacities of CSO's and cooperatives in Akkar to deliver and be stewards of evidence based socio-economic development
Partner:Balamand University
Budget: 400 000 Euro
CSO: Lebanese Assaociation for Rural Development (LARD)
Duration: 24 Months
Sectors of intervention: Socio economic development and Reform
Targeted Groups: Communities
Project status: On-going

To build the Institutional and practical capacities of pilot consortium including 65 CSO's and cooperatives that include all sectors including women and youth, regions and backgrounds in Akkar strengthened through training, coaching and hands on project experience.  2) 65 CSO's and cooperatives have increased sustainability through multiple schemes including public private partnerships, linkages with donors and diaspora.  3) Strategic socio-economic development plan for Akkar developed based on evidence based research and implemented through 5 pilot sustainable development projects targeting vulnerable, marginalized communities in Akkar including women and youth

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