Lebanese Republic
22 October 2018
Job and orientation fair 2018 in Tripoli: training courses and job search for young people
20 February 2018

The job and orientation fair was held at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli, on Tuesday 20 February 2018, under the patronage of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine and the Minister of Labor, Mr. Mohammad Kabbara.

The fair was organized by the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) and the Semeurs d'Avenir association, within the framework of the project "Developing a stimulating social and economic environment in north Lebanon", under the European Union funded AFKAR 3 program, managed by the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform. This event is part of a strategy adopted by the Institute for Development and Cooperation in the field of social and economic development of youth, through the promotion of vocational education.

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